TOMI Putting

Tomi™ Professional

he TOMI putting system is based on the original SuperSAM machine that was invented to accurately measure the YIPS. The TOMI system helps the student see what they are actually doing with their putting stroke. The teacher can then assign the correct drills to help the student improve.

How It Works

Tomi Captures the following measurements in real time, for both right and left hand players, both inside and outdoors:

  • Alignment at Address
  • Shaft Angle at Impact
  • Alignment at Impact
  • Impact Spot
  • Path at Impact
  • Speed at Impact
  • Stroke Path and Rotation
  • Stroke Tempo

With this information you can help the player fix his problem in his putting.

Tomi™ Pro Screen Shot

Below is a sample of the TOMI software and the measurement that are captured when we put your putting stroke on the TOMI.