"Nick Kumpis became a very good teacher very quickly.   He
was trained by the best in the business and he knows how to
teach golf.  He has a superior attitude and a tremendous work
ethic, and those qualities earned him my respect and a position
with the Nicklaus/Flick Golf Schools."   
Jim Flick - September 2005               
SouthPaw Golf Academy
Seth is Director of Instruction at Desert Mountain Golf
Club in Scottsdale, Arizona.  He was chosen by Jack
Nicklaus and Jim Flick in 1992 to be a member of the
original teaching staff of the Nicklaus/Flick Golf Schools.  
Throughout his career, Seth has taught in over 24
countries and 38 states.

Seth was named to the 2005 "Golf Magazine Top
Teachers in the U.S." list, and has appeared in several
instructional segments on "The Golf Channel."  He has
coached and analyzed the swings of members of the
PGA, LPGA, Champions, Canadian and Asian Tours.   

Seth is host of “Total Control Golf” video instruction
series, was keynote speaker of the 2000 Hong Kong
Annual Teaching Summit, and was named the 1993
Junior Golf Leader of the Year by PGA of America.  
"Golf is a game, and a game is meant to be fun.  No
one makes learning the game more fun than Seth
Glasco.  But make no mistake, behind Seth's
entertaining demeanor is a knowledgeable instructor
who is gifted in his ability to teach the game and
blessed with the talents to make it enjoyable."  
Jack Nicklaus - April 2002           
Nick Kumpis, PGA Member, has been named Teaching
Professional at the Pelican Hill Golf Academy in Newport
Beach, California. He will be available for private lessons,
golf schools, corporate clinics and junior programs.  
Kumpis comes to the recently reopened Pelican Hill Golf
Club from Anaheim Hills and Dad Miller Golf Courses,
where as Director of Instruction, he founded the Anaheim
Golf Academy.

His experience includes extensive work with perennial top
instructors Jim Flick, Hank Haney and Mike Malaska, while
teaching for the Nicklaus/Flick Golf Schools and the ESPN
Golf Schools.  Kumpis founded and runs the Southpaw Golf
Academy, a school tailored to the needs of left-handed
golfers.  A PGA member, he is highly-skilled in video swing
analysis and also uses the TOMI video putting system.   

As an ESPN Golf Schools Top 25 and Lead Instructor, Nick
frequently contributed to ESPN.com’s Instructor Mailbag,
offering tips and answering golf questions.  He also
recorded video tips featured on ESPN Motion within the Golf
home page of ESPN.com and on Lexus.com in 2003.
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